Greypeak Mountains

Originally named for the stone giants who inhabited them, the Greypeak Mountains have since seen a far greater degree of interest than simply that of their large inhabitants. Volcanic in origin as the range runs along a primary fault line of the Sword Coast, several mining companies have deigned to uncover whatever secrets lay hidden within the passes. As a result, several diamond, sapphire, and ruby mines enjoyed prosperous efforts, thus leading to the formation of the town of Parnast.


Drawn by the lure of the spoils of the earth, some of the first inhabitants of the town were remnants of certain dwarven families linking themselves to the famed Battlehammers of Mithril Hall as well as the O’Maul Clans of Citadel Adbar. However, many more adventurers and prospective treasure hunters were quick to relocate to the thriving mountain community, the most renowned of which was the mercenary band known as the Ralescoth Order. Composed mostly goliath members, the famed band of warriors was the town’s first garrison when trouble and danger made its way to the settlement. The order has since faded into obscurity and disbanded, but a statue of the group still remains within the town. A formal garrison has since taken over patrol and guardianship of the town.


As for the mountains themselves, their towering peaks and sweeping valleys have only seen minimal exploration, as one mountain after the next seems to hold just as many secrets as its predecessor. Not only have vast riches bee found within the crags, but so too has nigh endless danger. Goblin tribes numbering in the thousands as well as several prominent barghest groups wander the caves and dense forests, always ready to ambush any unprepared adventuring party. Moreover, a heavy worg population competes with the natural wildlife for dominance. The ebb and flow of supernatural and natural powers has also drawn several druidic orders to the region, lending to still greater degrees of exploration. However, such efforts are still but pebbles compared to the towering boulders that is the overall reach of the Greypeak Mountain range.


The mountains have also been the inspiration for many myths and fables about the region, including that of wild elf origin detailing the advent of the stars. According to certain nomadic tribes of elves living within the peaks, the creation of Faerun can be accredited to a single, divine benefactor. That supreme entity remains responsible for the preservation of the world as well as the cycle of life and time. As such, the great creator would place a gigantic bowl over the realm of Faerun when it deemed night should cover the earth. However, the wild elf warriors of the Haien Tribe took it upon themselves to return the light of the sun that their people would not freeze to death amidst the rocky crags. According to the myth, the greatest warriors climbed to the summits of the Greypeak mountains, their mightiest bows and sturdiest arrows in hand. Upon reaching the pinnacle of their ascent, the warriors fired high into the night sky. Those strong enough with the will of the great creator, pierced the bowl and returned a minute sparkle of light to the land. In essence, the stars of the night sky are merely holes broken through the covering over the land. To this day, several descendants of the Haien tribe ascend the tallest summits of the Grey Peak Mountains, firing an arrow into the night sky as a right of passage within the scattered remnants of their people.


Greypeak Mountains

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