The Church of the Red Knight


The Red Knight, or the Lady of Strategy, was the Faerûnian deity of strategy and battle tactics and an exarch of Thor. Her dogma dictated the use of careful tactics in battle to achieve victory, under the belief that sound strategy was the best way to win a battle with the most favorable outcome. Her symbol was a red knight-errant chess piece with stars for eyes.


The Red Knight was worshiped by generals, tacticians, lawful-minded warriors and paladins alike.


Clerics of the Red Knight, or “holy strategists,” prayed for their spells at night before sleeping to prepare for the next day. In addition to observing the holy days of the church of Thor, the church of the Red Knight — the “Red Fellowship” — had two important holy days of its own.

Midwinter Day

On Midwinter Day the Red Fellowship observed the Retreat. This solemn ceremony consisted of an assembly wherein the clergy discussed the previous year’s campaigns. Strategies were discussed, battles analyzed, and the accumulated lore integrated into the church’s teachings.

The Queen’s Gambit

On the 1st of Tarsakh, the clergy of the Red Knight held an annual festival called the Queen’s Gambit. During this day-long extravaganza, the Red Fellowship unwound with feasting and gaming. Day-long tournaments of chess (also known as lanceboard, hence the Red Knight’s second title, “Grandmaster of the Lanceboard”) were held, with the tournament victors receiving recognition, titles of merit, promotions, and occasionally a gift from the temple armory.


The Red Knight looked to Thor as a father figure and it was only he who knew her true name. If anyone else discovered this they would gain insight into every strategy and every war plan throughout the planes.

Another ally of the Red Knight was Torm. The duo were well-known to be very close, but whether they were friends or lovers is something they’ve kept to themselves. She also worked closely with Valkur, god of naval warfare and another exarch of Thor. Her enemies included Garagos and Cyric.

She was known to have good relations with Tyr, god of Justice.


The Red Knight was elevated to divinity by Thor to balance Garagos’ destructive aims.

During the Time of Troubles, the Red Knight’s avatar possessed Lady Kaitlin Tindall Bloodhawk. While possessed, she and her adventuring band traveled to Tethyr and successfully repelled a large army of monsters, earning the nation’s gratitude. Bloodhawk is now head of the Order of the Red Falcon, a small knightly order worshiping the Red Knight that trains officers and others in tactics and military history.


“War is won by those with the best planning, strategy, and tactics, regardless of the apparent odds. Any fool can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with fortune’s aid. Only a master strategist can ensure lasting victory. War is a series of battles. Losing a battle does not necessarily indicate the war is lost. Seek out your opponent’s weaknesses and recognize your own; avoid an opponent’s strengths and play to your own. Only by focusing one’s own strengths on the opponent’s vulnerabilities can triumph be ensured. In times of war prepare for peace; in times of peace prepare for war. Seek out your enemy’s enemies as allies, and be prepared to compromise. Life is an endless series of skirmishes with occasional outbreaks of war. Be ready — and have a contingency plan.”


The Church of the Red Knight

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