The Book of Fates

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The Book of Fates

Holy account of the Raven Queen, Her edicts, the tenets of Death, and the observation of Balance across the planes.

Book I: Balance Restored

Death hath no pride, nor envy. Death shows not favor, nor scorn. When Death entreats, fate is decided. Twas so when it chose our Queen. A mortal in life, versed in the ways arcane, she was the instrument selected by fate to usher in the age of Balance.

Nerull, fates curse his name, held sway over the powers beyond life, his twisted grasp tilting the scales of destiny. The souls of the dead found no rest when succumbing to the vortex of his will, and those that fell unto his whim were forever lost. With the enactment of Nerull’s will, there was no balance. The souls of the dead remained trapped or destroyed. Unable to spin within the wheel of fate, they were denied their destinies. Such was the demise of balance.

Death hath no pride. Such was true of our Goddess when chosen by fate, for she too had fallen to the influence of Nerull and his insatiable hunger for spectral power. However, while death claims not pride among its vices or virtues, the corrupt Nerull most assuredly did. Sparing our Queen, he appointed her station within his ranks. Thus was the beginning of his undoing.

Death is patient. All in its own, good time. Our Queen waited, learning of the cursed Nerull’s lust for yet more power, exploiting it to her will by feeding his growing pride as she played her part in service, knowing the time would come when she would shift the scales of balance to their rightful place. As years passed, her understanding grew. Before long, the first soul of the fallen answered her call, unseen and unheard by all others including the vile Nerull. This first soul was named Mitailis, who would later become the first Raven Knight.

Death shows no favor, but Death is constant. Death is steadfast. Such was the demand of our Queen to all souls that received mercy through her interception and were spared an eternity of absence at the hands of Nerull. With her understanding of the arcane, our Goddess empowered the spirits at her command, concealing them from the tyrant of Pluton as they further enhanced the Queen’s power with their presence. Nerull began to weaken. The new ruler of Death gained strength.

The time had come for our Goddess to strike, and upon offering Nerull a mighty feast of souls, she unleashed the full extent of her power. With strength made manifest by the spirits loyal to her, she charged forth, flanked by her Raven Knights who now battled with her blessing. Nerull’s agents could not stand against the spectral assault, and with her own hands, the new Goddess of Death seized the tyrant’s skull and reduced it to nothing but ash. Every soul ever consumed or imprisoned by Nerull was freed and offered rest or servitude at the hands of the Queen. Balance was restored as each soul found its rightful destiny.

When every shade had either pledged its allegiance to the Goddess, or was ferried to its realm of eternal rest by she or her knights, the realm of Pluton was vacated and discarded. Our Goddess claimed a new mantle, one that the mortals of the material plane would recognize with both reverence and relation. A raven, cleverest of all birds, soaring between the realms of mortals and spirits, was her likeness, and her reach extends to these aspects to this day. She has watched and guided Death and its influence upon the planes ever since.


Book II: The Reign of Death

Upon the second day of our Queen’s ascension, she and her faithful set forth to claim a domain worthy of balance. A stronghold of fate that was a realm unto itself was envisioned, and thus, was brought forth from our Goddess’s will. It was called and is known as the Shadowfell. With the help of her knights, our Queen crossed into the plane of existence in a manner similar to what she had known in life, forming a lasting bond that would echo throughout the realms to all souls. Life is found within death, just as death is found within life, and the domain of the Queen shares kinship with the world that is host to souls yet awaiting their final rest. By her decree, so long as shadows fall upon the world of mortals, so will a shadow remain over the home of our Goddess and master of fates. In darkness, there is order. In the black of night, there is peace. Upon the inheritance of her domain, our Goddess rested within the sanctified walls of a mighty stronghold, called Letherna.


It was within the innermost sanctum of Letherna where first our Goddess proclaimed:

For ages beyond reason, death has been used as a cudgel for the forces of darkness.
Through my efforts, and the efforts of my loyal spirits, there is now freedom for all souls.
Never again shall the passage of a spirit be denied its final rest, for I now deliver them.
To each god their own portion, as mine to me. Let my faithful live as kings and queens,
but in service, they will kneel and know my grace.
Let the shadow of death reach every corner of every plane.
A relief and joy to the suffering or to those content who have fulfilled their mortal destiny.
Let death be a swift rebuke for any who would subvert their fate or that of another.
Let my shadow smother those that would cheat the end of their life.
Let my shadow choke those that would think to overthrow my will.
I am death. I am the master of fate. I am balance. My reach, infinite. My patience, eternal. The order of dusk and twilight will ensure equality across every plane.
Such is my decree, as far-reaching as the shadows of the earth and sky.
And the shadow falls upon every soul.

Thus, was it decreed and passed on to her knights, her knights’ subjects, and to those in the realms beyond. Death was the master, the inevitable fate of all, and thus our Goddess established her place among the divine. From her home she set forth the holy tenets of our faith. Whether proud Raven Knight, or ascending mortal servant, every soul that would bind themselves in loyalty to the Queen know the laws…

Death is absolute. It’s presence is both joy and sorrow. Pain, and pleasure. It always was thus, and always will be.

Death is inescapable. To deny death is to blaspheme the will of the Queen. To flee death is to insult her will. To mock death is to entreat hubris, which will be punished with damnation.

Death is eternal. Always will it remain, and always will it call. This is to be reflected in all who would deign to serve the Goddess. To each their portion, and all debts must be paid. Reward those that live in accordance with this balance. Punish those that would deny it.

Death is patient. As our Queen waited for her time, so too must all who would serve her will. Nothing is to be asked of the Goddess unless her will deems it so. In time, the fate of all her followers will be revealed.

Death is balance. Honor life, and honor death. Honor sunrise, and honor sunset. Honor the moon, and honor the sky. Honor the light, and honor the darkness. In all ways, strive to uphold the balance.


Book III: Acts of Death

From the establishment of Death’s rule, others have vied for the control of fate, seeking to wrest its power from our Queen’s hands. Knowing this, and knowing death would harbor enemies for eternity, the Goddess further emboldened her champions.

Know this, all ye faithful to the Queen and her will of fate, that if so blessed by the Raven Queen to wield the power of her will, your duty extends beyond all mortal constructs of loyalty and duty. Your faith will be require absolute servitude. Your resolve will require an unshakable fortitude. Your will must possess nothing but unbreakable certainty. To be an agent of death, one must forgo themselves and place all understanding, all hope, all trust in the Queen herself.

But if such is asked of you, know too that just as much will be given. You will soar on the raven’s wings between worlds. The power of death itself will be yours to command. A tongue that transcends all others will grant you understanding. A mind that comprehends all will grant you wisdom unparalleled. A form as absolute as our Queen’s shadow shall empower you to heights no mortal can conceive.

Such was granted of Mitailis, the first soul to pledge service to our Queen. The first Raven Knight ordained by her will to serve.


After proving his merit and worth in the overthrow of the cursed Nerull, Mitailis was shown favor by our Queen. A stronghold and subjects of his own were appointed, and within the Shadowfell, he answered only to the Queen herself. A mind honed by our Goddess’s tutelage served with diligence in conflicts that arose between planes, however it was when Orcus, vile demon prince of the undead and blasphemer incarnate to our Goddess, that Mitailis’s power and loyalty would ensure the death’s will.

In a vain attempt to unravel our Goddess, the demon ordered his subjects to discover her true identity that he may bind her divine form back to a mortal coil. However, upon a meeting with a group of allies to the mistress of death, the aspect of the Raven Queen was confronted by the minions of the demon lord upon the grounds of Death’s Gate. Upon sending the allies of the Queen on their way, Mitialis unleashed his wrath against the balor demons now trespassing within the Shadowfell.

The Raven Knight charged, his form a nightmarish vision of blade, darkness, and smoke, untouched by his foes’ weapons as if he were nothing more than a wraith. Greatsword alight with violet flame, he pierced the heart of his first foe before vanishing from sight, only to reappear behind another and behead the beast in a single blow. The other three balor closed around him, their flaming swords and whips clashing against the ebony armor of our Queen’s chosen, yet he stood unbent from their attacks. Wounded, yet unshaken, Mitailis lunged a second time, a mighty swing empowered by the Queen’s hand cleaving two demons in twain before he turned to split the last down the middle. Orcus’s efforts were thwarted and his incursion into the Shadowfell was a failure. Mitailis, incapable of death or any other fate the goddess had not ordained, earned his rest, and was allowed to pass to whatever paradise he chose.

However, we offer thanks to him through our Goddess to this day, for Death is eternal, as is our Queen’s champion. A day will come when the saints will return, and the mighty Raven Knight will charge forth again when fate calls him to do so.


Another such knight came to rise in our Queen’s war against the vile goddess of spiders and patroness of the drow, Lolth. Twas during the War of Winter, when the divines of the Autumnal Council waged war against the goddess of the drow that the account of Kathene the Black was forged.

A sorceress, like our goddess in life, she had pledged her service to the Queen and rightful master of fate, garnering her favor in our goddess’s eyes. When Kathene’s soul was called to the Great Beyond, her elven blood granted her station among Correlon’s chosen. Upon being offered this eternity by the Raven Queen, she chose instead to serve the goddess. Our Queen was pleased, and bestowed upon her great power and fortune within the Shadowfell. Power and fortune that would soon be paid for in the wars to come.

Knowing she would have need of grand champions, the Queen granted Kathene the first divine likeness of any Raven Knight. Black wings heralded the champion’s arrival, their span carrying her to fulfill our goddess’s will. Over astral battlefields Kathene soared, her spells striking down drider and yochlol within the nine hells. Clothed in nothing more than her dark robes, Kathene’s armor was faith. Her weapon was the Raven Queen’s reach. And when the time had come to invade Lolth’s stronghold itself, the Demonweb Pits, Kathene herself led the charge.

To every enemy that rose against her, she cast her wrath. A black blade, bearing the likeness of the scythe that reaps the wheat of autumn for harvest, passed through demonic flesh with the ease of a child at play. Enemies fell before Kathene as innumerably as grains of sand upon a shore. When the goddess of spiders brought forth her most horrid champions in the form of pit fiends numbering three, the Raven Knight, carried by her blessed wings, rose to their challenge. With the summoning of the Queen’s wrath, spectral lightning powered by the very souls of the Shadowfell answered Kathene’s call, striking two of the beasts so fiercely their very forms were rent from fabric of the planes themselves. One final foe remained, and though it seized Kathene in it’s terrible grasp, wounding her within the realm of the abyss, the blessed champion lay a single hand upon the monster. Imbued by the power of death, she cast the will of our goddess forth into the monster, its soul vanishing from existence as its body melted into nothingness.

Twas then that our goddess confronted the vile Lloth, her divine allies at her side. To each their portion and all debts requiring payment, when at last our goddess cast down the drows’ patroness, the rights of all fate now belonged to her beyond contestation. Correlon, Pelor, and Sehanine all recognized the goddess of winter, fate, and death, yielding to her the fruits of her part in the War of Winter. The Raven Queen in turn honored the efforts of her champion.

Kathene was elevated to our Queen’s second. As her right hand, she rules within the Shadowfell to this day. We honor her and her service by praying the following:

In the darkest night, we seek your courage.
In our waking hours, we strive to embody your strength.
May your shadow reach every plane.
May your example fall upon each of us.
Grant us your wisdom that we may serve.
Grant us your favor, that we may stand.
To the Queen, to her will.
And the shadow falls.


Book IV: The Teachings of Death and Fate

The wisdom imparted by her holiness, the Goddess of Death and Fate.



Much can be learned from the stillness of the soul unbound.
Why do spirits linger, their bonds anchoring them to lands they should leave behind?
The answer is found in the departure of life itself.
Only in death have they found an eternal purpose they could not fulfill whilst living.
Now freed of mortal bonds, they cry for absolution, some capable, some requiring aid.
Listen to the spirits.
Seek their wisdom and heed their call.
Such knowledge gained from life beyond has more value than silver or gold.


As winter overtakes the land, so too must all things.
As the seasons claim their portion, so too must you claim yours.
Not to excess, and not to ruin.
The snows of winter only cover the land for a time before giving way to spring.
But forget not, the chill of their return lingers even on summer nights.


When seeking power, forget not that its acquisition may bear great sacrifice.
Balance in all things, and to those who gain much in life, so will that much more be asked.
How much more in death will their mortal riches cost?
Even the Raven Knights knew their part in my will, yet they served and were rewarded.
Their power is unrivaled, yet still they bend the knee.
Do not spend your days seeking mortal wealth or gems.
Meditate on my will.
Meditate on the inexorable call of death, and there will you find all you need.
I will sustain you. Death will empower you.
Do not let mortal ambition blind you to divine truth or favor.
Let the shadow fall upon you, and you will see in the blackest night.



Death shows no favor.
Death shows no remorse.
To cast anger at death is to cast anger at fate.
Is one influenced more than the other by you, a mere mortal?
Instead of passion, find peace.
Instead of sorrow, seek the stillness of the shadows.
All must fall to death, all in its own good time.
The skein of your life was woven before your soul blinked into being.
Hide if you wish.
Bang your shields and drums if that is your desire.
Yet you’ll not live one moment longer.
Your fate is fixed.
Fear profits you nothing.
Anger yields bitter fruit.
Acknowledge death and you’ll find peace with your fate.
Know the stillness of the shadows, and you’ll have the strength to move mountains.


As assuredly as death awaits all, so too must you live in accordance with fate.
Mighty warlord, humble farmer…All meet the same end.
All stand before me.
Weigh the worth of your deeds whilst bound within the flesh.
Consider their echoes in eternity.
At the end of all things, how will they resonate?
Forget not that death will find you.
See to it death’s arrival is nothing to fear.
This is both a warning, and a blessing to any that would serve me.


Book V: Prayers of Death and Songs to worship Fate

A prayer for strength

My Goddess, I beseech thee and thy grace.
Though my flesh is weak, my spirit finds strength in you.
Though my heart falter, my soul yearns for your empowerment.
Grant in me the steadfastness of the the dark.
Impart unto me the stillness of the night.
Though my foes rally against me, I will not falter.
Though demons claw at my flesh, I will not be moved.
Death comes to all.
Fate has come to favor me, for in you do I place my hope.
Let my flesh be the aspect of your will.
Let my shadow be the pillar of your justice.
And the shadow falls.

A Hymn of Praise: The Raven’s Flight

On evening winds my soul finds you.
To distant shadows, the Ravens flew.

I followed them till my fate was found.
My body buried ’neath frozen ground.

Twas then I knew my soul was free.
Your gracious shadow reached to me.

The Raven’s flight guided me home.
No longer lost, no more I’ll roam.

Amidst the embrace of frost and snow,
Amidst your chosen, do I go.

How wondrous is your majesty!
That you gran this destiny!

Balance and peace have I now found.
My body buried ’neath frozen ground.

A Raven now, your aspect am I.
My flight is yours across evening skies.

A prayer for a warrior’s rest

Bright and cold, the flash of steel.
Alone I roam over desolate fields.
My sword I need no longer.
The evening winds will carry me home.

A prayer for peace and last rites

Unto death we cast this soul.
Into your hands, we commend this spirit.
For yours it was, and shall remain.
To it’s final rest, we trust you to guide.
As you do for all.
As you have and always will.
The shadow of fate has fallen upon another worthy.
May they find rest forevermore.
And the shadow falls.

A song for comfort

My sorrow overwhelms me.
My heart knows only sorrow.
What have I done to anger thee?
Will your shadow fall tomorrow?

In death I find my answers.
It’s truth, a fate all must know and find.
My soul will be unshackled.
It’s freedom, your will: aligned.

Forgive me for my fears.
Forgive me for my weakness.
Eternal is your patience.
You allow me every meekness.

The shadow’s grace is everlasting.
Surely I know peace.
My woes are only fleeting.
In good time they’ll cease.

Your gaze is ever upon me.
Of this I can rest assured.
For death is ever watchful.
It has, it will endure.

A Song of Lasting Peace and Farewells

When I die may the wolves enjoy my bones
When I die let me go
When I die may the wolves enjoy my bones
When I die let me go

When I die may you cast me out to sea
When I die set me free
When I die may the sharks draw near to feed
When I die set me free

Oh, the world is dark
And I’ve looked as far as I can see
When the years have torn me apart
Let me be

When I die let the flames devour me
When I die set me free
When I die throw my ashes to the breeze
When I die scatter me

Oh, the world is dark
And I’ve looked as far as I can see
When the years have torn me apart
Let me be
Let me be
Let me be
Let me be

Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you
Starlight is waiting for you

A prayer of offering

To the mistress of fate, I offer my service.
My soul, my sword, my being are yours.
Take them into your embrace.
May your shadow grow from their addition.
By your will do I present these offerings.
Now and forever.
And the shadow falls.


Book VI

The War of Winter and Restoration of Fate

In the centuries that passed after our Goddess came to hold power over death itself, in a time shortly after what is known mortals as The Sundering, a great war was waged within the mortal realms and those beyond. As Death is patience and balance, our Queen knew a time would come when the other deities would come to request her aid. Exemplifying the balance she vigilantly upheld, she chose to honor their requests for an audience, the God Pelor of Sun and Summer, Corellon of Elves and Spring, and Sehanine of Elves and Autumn journeying to Letherna.

It was discussed there that the vile Goddesses Khala of the corrupting frost and Lolth of the spiders had begun an unprovoked assault upon the seasons and magic itself. Khala had thus far succeeded in the enactment of her plan to trap the mortal realms in an endless winter in order to solidify her foothold there for eternity. Lolth, seeking to redeem herself for her failed attempts to assimilate Mystra’s weave, thought to assault the elves with her drow and demonic servants. The pair had proven capable and deadly in their attempts, Lolth even blocking out Pelor’s very sun in the far north with a lasting darkness that allowed her chaos to spread unchecked by orcs and drow. The three deities entreated death for aid, and were wise to do so.

Our goddess, knowing her power to exceed the deities before her and that of several others, had long ago cast aside her mortal gifts of sorcery that she may uphold balance for all, including herself. Now, a chance had come for her to reclaim them, and battle alongside her knights and those of Pelor, Sehanine, and Corellon. In exchange for her services, our Queen demanded the stillness of Winter and a place upon the atumnal council beside the three. In a further act of wisdom, they agreed to her terms. The Queen rallied her knights and faithful within the Shadowfell, Corellon, Pelor, and Sehanine doing the same within theirs. The armies crossed over into the land known this day as Faerun. The gods themselves battled amidst the veil between worlds.


The war reached every corner known to existence. From the deepest reaches of the Underdark to the skies high above the Spine of the World, the song of battle was joined. Our Queen’s knights held the vanguard of the armies that would come to be known as the Autumnal Alliance, their blades enshrouded with the power of shadow. Against orc, ogre, goblin, and drow, all agents of the vile Lolth they battled, ebony shields holding fast against rusted metal. The treacherous Khala unleashed hordes of her frost giants upon the forces of the Alliance, the beasts hurling mighty slabs of ice and stone from their mountains down upon the forces. Yet Sehanine’s and Corellon’s archers were undeterred from such assaults, and under the protection of our Queen’s knights, unleashed volley after volley of sun and starlight against the hordes of chaos, driving them back to their holes and fortresses. Upon forcing the foes of our Queen back to their final position, the Raven Knights surrounded them, aided in the phalanx by Pelor’s paladins in their gleaming maille. It was during the last days of this mortal conflict that a lasting alliance was forged between the God of the Sun and summer, and what would be the next Goddess of Winter.

A final volley of arrows was aided by spells launched forth by our Queen’s sorcerers and priests, along with Pelors clerics of light. Blinded by the assault, our foes fell into a valley deep within the Spine of the World, where they were plucked from the mortal plane of existence after nearly a decade of resistance. Those that survived fled to the darkness, leaving behind the kingdoms of Many-Arrows, Battlehammer, and more to establish the borders that last to this day. However, another conflict emerged upon the Underdark’s influx of corrupted servants, and the drow of Lolth made known their hate for the Autumnal Alliance.

The servants of the Spider Queen, indifferent to the losses of their ally, used the downfall of Khala’s armies to set a trap for the forces of the Alliance. After a series of harrying incursions out of the darkness, they lured the armies of the allied deities into the depths of the Underdark, thinking the darkness would aid them and swallow up the enemies of the spider goddess.

They had forgotten in their zeal that the darkness is our Queen’s domain. While Pelor’s and Corellon’s light revealed the enemy in full, it was when the drow cast their spells against the Autumnal Alliance that the will of the Raven Queen would prove the stronger.

In a massive cavern now known as the Endless Night, the forces of the Alliance met shield with spell as the drow, bolstered by denizens of the abyss, sought to swallow the armies of the seasons whole. Three matrons flanked by glabrezu and yochlol and their wretched forces descended upon the Autumnal forces from every crevice within the earth. Again, the Raven Knights held the line, the shields of Pelor holding fast beside them as the arrows and spells of Autumn and Spring rained about the cavern. When the glabrezu themselves descended, it was our Queen’s champions who met their charge head to head. Three of the grandest Raven Knights since Mitailis and Kathene fell that day, but with them too fell the glabrezu. Their names were Sorin, Emilia, and Sashena. The drow matrons were felled by the arrows of Corellon and Sehanine, the light of summer cast upon them to pierce the hearts of Lolth’s darkness.

The drow, their armies routed and demons banished to their planes of the abyss, fled back to the city of Menzoberranzan, however the armies of the Alliance did not pursue. Fate had deemed otherwise, for it had found a new mistress, and the souls of the mortal world had other destinies to fulfill beyond the hands or influence of the seasons.


It was during the course of these events upon the material plane of mortals that our Queen battled alongside Sehanine, Corellon, and Pelor for the dominance of winter and fate. Within the veil between worlds, the servants of Khala and the corrupt goddess herself waited for the allied divines arrayed against her. Having constructed a fortress of biting ice and frost, Khala thought to outlast the four deities arrayed against her whilst summoning devils and demons to her side.

Pelor’s mace swept aside the kytons and balguras. Corellon’s bow pierced the heart of maralith and nalfeshnee by the score. Sehanine’s fine sword severed bone and sinew from demonic flesh beside our Goddess, who’s scythe reaped a mighty harvest of her foes, confronting a score of pit fiends beside the god of autumn. Manifesting the power of both soul and sorcery, she danced as a shadow amidst a thousand flickering flames, her foes unable to track her beneath the assault of her allies and her focused wrath. Death swept through the field, unchecked, unchallenged, and undeniable.

So far into the fray was our Queen able to press beside Sehanine, Pelor, and Corellon, that it was she herself that breached the fortress of Khala, only to discover that Lloth herself stood in wait beside the false god of winter. Launching a barrage of spells and incantations at the allied deities, the bite of the spider queen and Khala was a fearsome thing indeed as it nearly overwhelmed the four. However, Death is absolute, and thus our Queen was not shaken. Though wounded, her scythe swept forth. Pelor’s light blinded the vile Khala while Corellon’s arrows harried Lloth, giving Death its chance to ensure its will. The blade bit deep with ravenous hunger, the very soul of our Queen and her every servant behind the swing. A clean slice severed Khala’s head from its shoulders, and to this day, the skull hangs from an endless chain at the center of Letherna. It reminds all that Death cannot be stopped.

Lloth, wounded and outnumbered, fled to the abyss, relinquishing her control over the fates of mortals. For her service and for proving her merit to the Autumnal Council, The Raven Queen was granted the relinquished portfolio that she may further ensure her part in the balance of all. Since then, all of have come to know that the Goddess of Death and Fate is the master of destiny, the arbiter of demise, and the Queen of winter; silent, lethal, and beautiful in its frozen wonder.

Thus it was that the War of Winter was brought to its end, and the rightful owner of the season of white inherited her place among the pantheon. It was from this war that the sacrament of death was begun, each soul within the multiverse offering prayers to the Queen at the start of each new year for mercy, grace, and fortune.

Our Queen hears all, and will weigh each according to her will, as was decided after the proof of her ascension after the war.


Book VII

The Final Death and End of Fate

The tapestry of fate is our Queen’s and hers alone to command. As death finds all, so too will there be a final end to every soul across every plane. The Final Death is for our Goddess to decide, when she determines it to be so.

Heed the wisdom of our Goddess, ye mortals of the material plane, ye spirits of the Shadowfell! Fear this heralding cry ye denizens of the Abyss!

No one stops death! No one escapes it! Our Queen has made it so, and a time will come when she will spin the fates of all souls no more. Such an age will come to pass in a time of endless night and endless snow, when our Goddess once again walks the land of the living. Calling to each soul she will come, the every deed of all to be weighed and measured before they find their final rest by her judgement.

The blessed will fly with her to Letherna and to the great realms beyond, to be immortal as she and serve at her side at the beginning of a new age; to weave the threads upon a new loom. To die. To serve forever in tranquil death as ordained by our Queen.

Such time is hers to decide. None can know beyond the Mistress of Winter when the day will come. Do not seek it! Do not entreat it! Our Queen alone will determine the final end.

What lies beyond the mortal coil? Let the contents of this account of fate serve as a star amidst the night for you, you who read the sacred text and account of the Raven Queen. To the fledgling wanderer seeking her stillness, know that the darkness of night is not to be feared, but embraced. Even the moon yearns for the dark of night that its glory may shine all the brighter.


To the wisened voyager, the harbinger of death and aspects of our Queen: let the words contained herein forever guide your heart as you serve amidst the mortal realm. Temptation will lead you from Her. Imbalance will render you vulnerable to blades and spells of the tormentors. Those that seek to weigh the scales of fate to their benefit will only lead to your ruin.

Trust in the Goddess and her word. Know that her journey also started as a mortal, but ended in a lasting balance that has sustained all since the reclamation of Death and Fate. You too can ascend to such at her side, forever aiding in the universal balance of all souls.

It is the soul that animates the form you live in, and only in death will you be set free. Do not let yourself be trapped within the bonds of the flesh by succumbing to anything but the Queen’s will. That is the demise of all, the imbalance, a broken thread amidst the wheel of fate, and a soul denied its destiny.

Redeem the worth of your soul when you stand before eternity, trusting in the will of the Goddess until that time. Your journey, like hers, will echo throughout eternity if you do, and as a soul set free upon the arrival of your death, you will usher in the same fate for all.

At the end of time, the Queen and her faithful will guide the souls of all to the Final Rest. Aspects of the Queen, stand vigilant until that time. As mortal, as Raven Knight, spirit, or whatever she deigns you to be, your part will contribute to the balance.

Death is absolute.

Death is inescapable.

Death is eternal.

Death is patient.

Death is balance.

The shadow of our Queen reaches outward to all who seek it. It will find every soul within the stillness of night. Within the winds of winter. Within the strands of fate.

Peace to all who know the balance. Peace and prosperity to all who serve the Raven Queen.

May the stillness of death guide you. May the endlessness of night sustain you.

Uphold the balance, brothers and sisters. Now, and until the Final Death.

And the shadow falls.



The Book of Fates

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