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Translated to ‘High Sun’ in Gnomish, this is the month when Faerun is the hottest. In the north, it’s actually very pleasant, where as in the warmer regions of the continent, it is much less so. The happiest during this time are those who have the shade of the forest, or a nearby water source that allows for cooling off after a hard days work. It’s after all of the farmers have planted all of their crops and are waiting for harvest in another month or so. For those living in the cities, it has been known to be unbearably hot in the close quarters with so many other people.

While there are a many holidays during this time for different religions and races, few are more famous than Gwledd Yr Haf (Summer Feast). A collaboration of Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, and some Elves, this feasts celebrates life, love, and joy. It was started by the Gnomes a few hundred years ago and was slowly adopted by the more ‘light-hearted’ races.

During this time, the above races (as well as guests from others) get together every night for a week within communities and have a celebration. Each night, different groups of families provide large portions of foods, entertainment, or places to host the parties. Everyone in the communities contributes to the celebration, and makes sure that everyone else is enjoying themselves.

The celebrations each night usually start with everyone gathering together, followed by a light meal, then dancing and competitions of many sorts, then a heavier meal, then more dancing, drinking and story telling, and then stargazing.

There is also a belief among some communities that lovers are draw together during this time, as the heat of the summer has been building in their hearts over the season and during these festivals they are at the ‘boiling point’ as it were. Many young people find their ‘sweethearts’ during these nights, and it’s generally accepted that it may just be a fleeting relationship, but that doesn’t mean it is diminished, you are just going with the season.

Even long-term sweethearts have things to look forward to during the festival. Many of the competitions are meant for teams of two. There are also many proposals for engagements, and even weddings are not uncommon on at least one of the evenings at each celebration.

While being more of a country tradition, cities will usually have one or two celebrations somewhere within them put on by those whose family hold the tradition.

Haul Uchel

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