Ancient Black Dragon of the Mere of Dead Men


Ancient Black Dragon that has claimed the Mere of Dead Men as his domain. Commanding the loyalty of the native Lizardfolk population, he holds tremendous sway over the area, if not the whole of its extended borders.

Content with his treasure and that which is brought in by wayward adventurers or caravans that fall to the Mere’s hazards, he hasn’t stirred in some time. Until the Cult of the Dragon and the Scarred found their way to him.

Now, he has enlisted the band of adventurers into his service in pursuit of Lichdom. Should they fail him, he has promised to raise their homes, their families, and that of everyone they’ve ever known or loved to the ground.


Born and raised amidst the swamps of the Mere, Voragamanther proved his cunning as a black dragon when nothing more than a wyrmling. The only survivor of his fellow hatchlings, his indifferent mother and father noted the claw and tooth scars upon his still developing hide after he emerged from the nest as its sole inhabitant.

Apparently, survival of the fittest applied to all black dragons within the swamp, even if not all were aware.

Since that time, he has kept to himself, preferring the company of the local population of Lizardfolk over any other. For nearly a millennium he has stalked the swamps around him, rallying all the local tribes to his cause while cowing the rest into submission and service. Even the ogres and bullywogs of the area know to bow to him, for after he deposed even his own parents from the swamp, (rumors claim they are buried somewhere at the Mere’s heart) none can stand against him.


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