Tyranny of Dragons

So Far pt. 2

43. The party spends time in Greenest while Erlanthar recovers. Ushen meets with the patriarch of house Camen to deliver a message to his father for him.
44. Brogdah visits the local temple dedicated to the Faerunian pantheon. He delivers a sum of gold wishing to erect an orphanage for the children orphaned after the attack.
45. Erlanthar recovers in the keep’s infirmary. When he has the strength, he calls the party into his room, revealing the letter Ushen attempted to send. He explains to them about the cargo they were hauling, and about Leosin Erlanthar’s identity: He’s a monk spy of the Harpers, an organization driven by information and intelligence that seeks to balance power in the Realms. They operate with extreme discretion (thus intercepting the letter), revealing themselves only in desperation.
46. Erlanthar has been tracking a magical dragonmask that the Cult of the Dragon has had a strong interest in. It was owned by a merchant from Waterdeep named Mr. Xavier. Erlanthar tried to purchase the mask from him, but the merchant wanted an outrageous amount of gold. Erlanthar contacted his friend, Tarbaw Nighthill, and pleaded with him for assistance. The governor agreed, and Erlanthar purchased the mask on Nighthill’s behalf.
47. Expecting to do continued business with such a wealthy patron, Mr. Xavier insisted on traveling to Greenest to personally to deliver the mask. Erlanthar rode ahead to make preparations for securing the mask once it arrived in Greenest.
48. He concludes that he sadly was not able to keep the mask from the Cult, but he isn’t sure what they intend to do with it yet. There may still be time to disrupt their plan in other ways: go back to the cultists camp, and steal the dragon eggs incubating inside.
49. If the party is successful in capturing the eggs, Erlanthar offers to induct them into the Harper ranks as honorary agents.
50. The party agrees to capture the eggs, but refuses joining the Harpers. They set out for the camp.
51. The party finds the camp abandoned, but guards still stationed in front of the cave entrance.
52. They enter the cave, and make their way through to the throne room, where Captain Cyanwrath and Reverend Mondath await.
53. The two offer to induct the group into their own ranks, promising power, riches, and to be spared from the impending fall of man.
54. The party attacks, killing Cyanwrath, but Mondath manages to escape in the melee.
55. The party defeats the last remaining defense guarding the eggs, and make their way back to Greenest.



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