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Renown is a rule to track an adventurer’s standing with a particular faction or organization. Renown is a numerical value that starts at 0, then increases as a character earns favor and reputation within a particular organization, represented as a Renown Score.

It is possible to have renown with more than one organization, although a player only receives benefits from one at a time, as most factions are at odds with one another’s goals. A player tracks renown separately for each organization.

Gaining Renown

A player gains renown through serving the organizations interests, or completing missions on their behalf. Generally, a player’s renown increases by 1 if that player advances the faction’s interests, and increases by 2 if they directly benefit the faction in some way.

Benefits of Renown

Most benefits of renown are tied specifically to the organization for which a player holds ranks. A Rank is a title within an organization, which is met by having a minimum Renown Score. Sometimes, obtaining a rank may also have other requirements, such as completing of secret mission on behalf of the faction. See the Faction Advancement table below. Players can only have ranks in an organization for which they’ve joined, and can only join one organization at a time.

Faction Advancement
Rank Renown Other Requirements
Initiate 1 0 -
Agent 2 3 -
Stalwart 3 10 1 secret mission completed
Mentor 4 25 3 secret missions completed
Leader 5 50 10 secret missions completed

As a player gains renown within an organization, NPCs who are members of the organization are more likely to have heard of the character. They are also more likely to be friendly and helpful towards that character, even if that character doesn’t hold ranks in the organization, though not always.

Losing Renown

Disagreeing with a member of an organization isn’t enough to cause a loss of renown, nor is disagreeing with a factions goals or methods. However, serious offenses committed against the organization or its members can result in a loss of renown and rank within that organization. A character’s renown within any organization cannot drop below 0.


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