Character Lifepaths

Whitney has provided a resource for creating an interesting backstory for your character if you are stuck or need to spice things up a bit.

Hey guys! I brought these up to Andy yesterday. These are a Lifepath system for D&D (3.5E). Essentially you would use this at character creation to better flesh out a character, but you can use it for extra details, too! I am probably going to modify one for myself based on the 3.5E model to better support 5E, but it’s still interesting to see what kinds of character backgrounds you can come up with.

Here is the first:

This one is for early life. I usually roll twice on the Fate table for each year after adulthood that the character up to one year before the campaign starts. (Ie. if a character is 20 and a Human, humans are considered adults (in D&D at least) at 15 or so. So I would roll twice on the fate table for years 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 for a total of 10 life events.)

The second represents the 12 months before the campaign starts:

This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s also a great way to figure out a character to play if you’re not sure what to play or you want to challenge yourself. This method also gives stat bonuses as an alternative to rolling stats. I’m not sure if this is an Andy-approved way of doing stats, but I’ve rolled up five separate characters with this method and got pretty good stats that were not broken.

I have some other tables I use for character creation that I can put together if anyone is interested with character traits and personality types. I normally just keep these to myself as a writing/inspiration exercise.

Anyway! Read and enjoy!

P.S. I found a Java Random Generator if you don’t want to roll everything individually. ( It’s a little stunted for my liking, but it gives you the basics. I’m working on an extended/5-specific system mixing a bit of the 3.5E Wiki Lifepath, Atomik Fusion Lifepath, and the 3.5E Hero Builder’s Guidebook.

Character Lifepaths

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