The Book of Lost Radiants

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The Book of Lost Radiants

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Note: I will be writing here periodically, when I get the inspiration. I am marking each section with my level and a date so that it will be easier to track.

Level 9, 03-19-17

Most who know the history of Mystra know of her Chosen—powerful spellcasters gifted with near-immortality. Books on her religion detail these individuals as best as possible, and all folklore around her typically mentions one of their names.

But one book, seemingly small and insignificant, tells a different story. This book was given to a young boy, a spellcaster, by a friend of his parents. Where she got the book is unknown, but the book had a profound impact on the boy’s imagination. He carried the book with him everywhere he went. Through childhood into his teens he read and re-read the small volume. On his first journey from home, he read the book to stop his convulsions at the sea travel. When he left home in pursuit of strength, the book was among the few positions he took. He kept it hidden while he trained to become a wizard, and had it with him when he abandoned that pursuit. It has survived him being stabbed, shot, burned and otherwise inconvenienced at the hands of those who want him dead. Its pages have not worn, its cover is pristine.

This is the Book of Lost Radiants, written by an unknown author (or authors, as often the words appear to be from two different hands).

Radiants tells of the eight primordial aspects of magic, of mortals imbued with arcane power by Mystra herself. The Radiants are both names for how the magic was wielded, as well as titles for the mortals themselves. For the most part, no mention is made of why these individuals are important, or of when and how Mystra imparted her gift. Instead, the tales in this book weave a story of the…recommended…use of one’s magical talents.

The Windrunner Level 9, 03-19-17
The tale of the Windrunner revolves around a young man hoping to win the heart of his true love. Sadly, before she can make her decision, illness strikes. The Windrunner vows to travel across the land, not returning until he finds a cure. Knowing his time is short, he runs from his village and into the mountains.

As a tremendous storm engulfs him, the Windrunner lashes on to the strong currents and, rising into the storm, proceeds to run with it to the western seas. In the end, he succeeds in finding a cure; however, seeing the devastation his usurpation of the storm brought, the Windrunner gives his love her cure, then vanishes.

Another tale of the Windrunner involves a young woman who lived on the eastern shores. As a child, she would constantly goad the other children into a race, and always seemed able to pull ahead. Sometimes she even gave them a head start, but in the end still won. As she grew, the woman would race people from neighboring villages, but never did she find her equal. When no one would race her any more, this Windrunner turned to beasts, horses and the like, but still she emerged triumphant.

One day, the Windrunner came upon a traveller. His beard was an unkempt bright red and he wore a billowing cloak covering an ancient greatsword. Upon learning of the her prowess, the traveller challenged the Windrunner to a race from one side of the continent to the other. Seeing the glee in the man’s eyes, she agreed, and immediately both contestants took off.

For weeks and months the Windrunner raced the land, stopping only briefly for sleep. She enchanted her legs to move even while she slept, changing her body to better handle the strain. Even so, when she arrived at the opposite end of the continent she was near death. Falling to her knees, the Windrunner looked around and saw to her amazement that the bearded man had beaten her, as he sat appearing well-rested down the beach. When she asked the victor how he had done it, he shrugged, pointed at the sea, and said “I took the shorter route”.

The Skybreaker

The Dustbringer

The Edgedancer

The Lightweaver

The Willshaper

The Stoneward

The Elsecaller

Level 9, 03-19-17
Each Radiant is associated with one of the colors found in a rainbow, though the eighth—the Elsecaller—is depicted as having “a glow of the unseen”. Additionally, the Book of Lost Radiants tells of two further servants of Mystra, known as the Willshaper and the Bondsmith. These two have abilities that mark them as Chosen, though their descriptions do not match any of those known today. Both are described as instigators, identifying the Radiants and providing a sort of nudge to get them going. The Willshaper, a seemingly kindly old woman, gives encouragement and learning to those she finds, while the Bondsmith demands oaths from those who would serve,

In the final story of the book, the Willshaper and the Bondsmith meet, accompanied by Radiants found throughout their journeys. This convergence of power was meant to combat the rise of some force from another, alien realm. Together, the Radiants are able to defeat this force; however in the process they seemingly removed themselves from history.

It may be that some followers of Mystra will know of the Radiants, the truth of these stories. But if they do the information is not given freely, and few mortals alive today know enough to consider asking.

The Book of Lost Radiants

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