Valerica Estin

Caravan guard, member of the Lords' Alliance


Valerica is a delegate of the Lords’ Alliance presiding over caravan travel along the Trade Way. It is her duty to watch over guards and bodyguards acting on the caravan, and to ensure all actions, cargo, and proceedings are shipped and practiced according to the law.

A former military leader, Valerica retired from active Alliance duty to pursue a career still ripe with adventure, but easier on her scarred and battered body. She carries many war-wounds, and although she is not ashamed to bear them, she often takes steps to cover them, hoping to avoid the stories of their origins.

The Scarred

Valerica encountered The Scarred on the caravan drive from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep. During the trip a merchant began abusing and then beating his horse, getting the attention of Brogdah Thuum, Fryen Broadscale, and Ushen Valenier, hoping to intervene. Feeling threatened by their intervention, he called for his guards to deal with them, drawing Roderick Theowin, Kinelori Galanodel, and Sarissa into the fray.

Combat was halted before anyone died, but Valerica asserted that the caravan could not abide the disruptive and dangerous presence of those who attacked other caravan members, specifically Roderick, Fryen, and Sarissa. Before making her arrest, Ushen stepped in, hoping to vouch for them. Valerica agreed to assigning them outrider duty— hundreds of yards ahead of the caravan at all times. After proving their worth in combat, they eventually won her over, and she allowed them to continue traveling as part of the caravan.

Two tendays after the confrontation, The Scarred again had another confrontation within the caravan, attacking four strangers that had offered their rooms at an inn to those on the caravan. Valerica was furious that the party again attacked someone, and order Fryen’s and Sarissa’s exile by morning. Although the party’s intuition was correct, and the four strangers ended up being assassins hired to kill the party, it took an assault on the inn, as well as the uncovered bounty, to once put Valerica at ease.

Valerica Estin

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