Tearn Hornblade


Taern Hornblade has lived an unnaturally long life by consuming potions of longevity. The wizard led Silverymoon for many years as high mage, but eventually ceded control to Methrammar, leader of the city’s army and son of its most famous ruler, Alustriel. Though Methrammar remains leader of Silverymoon and a member of the Lords’ Alliance, he is too forthright and earnest to succeed as a diplomat. As such, Taern was sent to the Council of Waterdeep in his stead.

Silverymoon has a large army and many wizards who would greatly assist in the coming battle, but Taern has not lived this long by being rash. He is one of the most cautious delegates, knowing that Silverymoon’s great wards of protection have stood against dragons before. Fearing that committing soldiers to the effort against the Cult of the Dragon might leave the city weakened, Taern needs to know that those leading the charge will protect any troops he lends to the coalition. As such, he seeks to gather as much information as possible about the adventurers and other potential allies.


Tearn Hornblade

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