Talia Thuum

Brogdah's Mother, half-orc/half-elf, hunter, inn manager/bouncer


As hard and sharp as an arrowhead, Talia is one of the most cunning survivalists around. Indeed, her entire life has been the constant pursuit of that goal; to survive. Being half orc and half elf, she has been on the run from any force that catches wind of her origin. The longest stretches of peace she has known since she was born have been with her husband Drogdah.

She only knows of her parents what she has heard— and those who knew them are hard to come by. With them either dead or exiled, Talia learned from an early age that she only had herself to rely on. Life on the run reinforced this time and time again, until she met Drogdah. That first year with him, working in the safety of Mr. Braestone’s inn, was magical.

When it became clear that their family would be growing, Braestone noted that he didn’t have the means to deliver the child without the risk of exposing Talia to an outside party. However, through his connections with caravan companies, he knew of a druid grove in the north that took in pregnant mothers, orphans, and foundlings. Brogdah would be born amidst the branches of The Misty Forest.

Talia Thuum

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