Sandesyl Morgia

Vampire ally of the Cult of the Dragon


A moon elf that became a vampire before the Cult was “taken over” by Severin. She followed the old ways, which included resurrecting dracoliches. It is whispered that it was from her Rezmir unlocked the secrets of undeath for all dragonkin.


Originally from the Moonwood, Sandesyl Morgia was afflicted with vampirism whilst away in Damara on an investigation into a potential lich residing within the lands. She went with a party of adventuring Moon Elves, five in number, only two of which were to return from the fateful quest. Years later, she resurfaced, but was driven mad by the curse of undeath that imprisoned her soul. Rather than seek a cure, her life took a darker turn, and what was once resentment for her condition turned to obsession. In the centuries that followed, she became one of the only beings upon the face of Aber-Toril to unlock the secrets of Lichdom. However, due to conflicting necromancy given her vampiric form, was unable to transfer the greater undeath to herself. Instead, she guarded the secret for years until the Cult of Dragon found her. After decades of planning and intrigue within the cult, she elevated herself to prominent standing among the followers of among the Cult. That is, until a certain leader of the cult, one who valued reverence for living dragons instead of dracoliches, deposed her influence. It was then Wyrmspeaker Rezmir made an alliance with Sandesyl, valuing her knowledge and the potential of lichdom for all dragonkin. The Wyrmspeaker had her stationed at Skyreach Castle for protection and advisement.

It was there that the Scarred encountered her after a hard-fought battle with Captain Othelstan and the castle’s sentinels. Instead of attacking the party, she addressed them and entreated them to negotiate. She sought something more than years of continual service to Tiamat in undeath. When Ushen Valenier offered to contact the Raven Queen on her behalf, she accepted, allowing the party to rest and recover their strength but took Ushen to her private quarters. It was there she passed her vampirism to the man, ultimately condemning herself. When the Raven Queen was summoned and discovered her agent had been infected with the curse of undeath, her wrath was swift, smiting Sandesyl from existence with her divine fury and hatred for all undead.

Sandesyl Morgia

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