Reverend Frulam Mondath

Holy reverend of Tiamat


Frulam Mondath was a member of the reformed Cult of the Dragon of Severin Silrajin, holding the rank of Wearer of the Purple.

Mondath considered Langdedrosa Cyanwrath her right-hand, and often kept the half-dragon at her side.

Zealous and charismatic, she was successful in persuading hundreds to join the cause of Tiamat as the cult spread its influence across Faerun. Even villages ravaged by dragon attacks and families torn apart, such as Brogdah Thuum or Talis Thuum, found themselves drawn to the promise of safety and wealth offered by prominent leaders such as Mondath.


Mondath was the leader of the Cult army in the assault on Greenest, and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath usually followed her directives. At the Cult’s camp near the city, Frulam deferred to the half-dragon Rezmir, who was her superior. After a successful raid, she and her forces withdrew to the nearby caves to safeguard a set of dragon eggs.

When the Scarred raided the camp, Mondath fought them but was ultimately defeated. Her second, Commander Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, was killed in the battle, but Mondath was able to escape with the help of her minions. From there, she withdrew to the Mere of Dead Men, offering directives to Azbara Jos regarding the Drakhorn and further cult activity.

Again, she was pursued by the Scarred, fleeing to the depths of the Stargazer castle where she summoned an ice devil to stop them, vanishing through a portal to the Greypeak Mountains and a cult hunting lodge. Yet again she found herself hounded by the Scarred, who had followed her by reactivating the portal. There, she conferred with Talis Thuum, a devout member of the cult at the time. Talis Thuum was able to convince both sides to a truce while in the lodge, but was later convinced to renounce Tiamat by her brother Brogdah Thuum and the rest of the Scarred. Realizing her safety was compromised, Mondath fled one last time.

After a flight through the Greypeak Mountains, Mondath was captured one final time by the Scarred. After interrogation and at the behest of Talis Thuum, she revealed to the adventurers what the cult intended with the hovering cloud giant castle now housing the hoard of the Dragon Queen. After that, she left with Talis, who swore to bring her friend to justice after convincing the Scarred to spare the reverend. Her efforts were short lived, however, as Mondath leapt from their flying mount upon reaching the zenith of their flight, committing suicide by plummeting to her death.

Reverend Frulam Mondath

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