Pythios Westwind

Admiral of Waterdeep's Navy


Humble and almost shy in social settings, though notoriously fierce in combat and loyalty. He is not beyond looking the other way in certain settings, holding the law in high regard but more the spirit of it, if not the letter.

“If a foe strikes me, I won’t ask them politely to stop. I’ll hit them back, harder, and faster than they did to me, and I won’t think twice about it. That’s the way of it, and I’ll make sure that’s the end of it too.”

-Pythios Westwind


A humble but notable captain of the Sword Coast, Pythios Westwind hails from Luskan where he learned his craft in sailing. After serving aboard the Seasprite for a time and earning enough, he moved to Waterdeep and secured ownership of his own vessel. Later, upon upgrading to a clipper size vessel, he began serving in the navy and patrolling the coast for the security of the honest folk.

It was on one such assignment Pythios defended a shipment of the Valenier family. After securing it from the hands of pirates and recounting the tale, Arkan Valenier was quite impressed with the man and hired him as a personal captain when not in service to the navy. Later, upon a few substantial donations to the navy coffers, Pythios was far more “available” to serve the Valenier family’s interests.

When his wife fell ill to the pox, it was only Allana and Arkan’s loans that paid for her treatment, which resulted in her full recovery. Pythios has returned more than a few favors for the Valenier family since, becoming quite close to the nobles in turn.

Now an admiral and honorable advisor to the council of Waterdeep, he aids the Scarred in the effort to overthrow the Cult of the Dragon from the great port city. Their combined efforts have already toppled the corruption that the cult was able to inflict upon one of the largest settlements along the sword coast, and with the help of several new arrivals, both old friends and new, he is ready to stand alongside the noble family once more.

Pythios Westwind

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