Marian Felchan

Bubbly owner of the Merry Inn


Cheerful and always welcoming to the hard-working folk of Greenest, Marian is just the person most folk of the village want to see after a long day in the mill or in the fields. With good drink, good food, and happy stories readily available, she’s established herself well within the town of Greenest.


After picking up and moving away from Baldur’s Gate for a quieter life in the town of Greenest, Marian used a small savings to start an inn service within the growing town. As the thriving village expanded, so too did her enterprise. First striking a deal with the same caravan operators that brought her from Baldur’s Gate, then later with those heading northward to and from Waterdeep, the Merry Inn became a regular destination for all travelers on their way up and down the Sword Coast.

Of course, her kitchen and hearth are open to more than just travelers. Within the town, her home cooked meals are unparalleled, as are the vintages and spirits she brings in to satisfy even the most discerning of palettes.

Recently, she was quite impressed by the tastes of Sarissa Runesblood, who purchased the use of the most luxurious suite in the inn for over a week. She hopes to see the Tiefling and the rest of the Scarred soon.

Marian Felchan

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