Kirk Bachen

Foreman of the new orphanage construction


Resident of Greenest and witness to the role the Scarred played in saving the town. A capable foreman and carpenter, he was happy to lend his services to the adventurers in building the orphanage after their efforts within the town.


Born and raised within the town of Greenest, Kirk perfected his skills under his mother and father, who had perfected theirs during years of travel and interaction with various craftsman before settling down in the aforementioned village.

Known for his talent and willingness to help, he is welcomed with smiles and nods of respect throughout the village he calls home.

After the cult’s attack, he is shaken by the horror he’s witnessed, but resolute to mend that which has been broken. Even amidst the terrible things he’d seen during the attack, he was quick to remind himself and others that hope still flourished as well.

“I may not be able to swing a glaive like that Brogdah, and I’m no wizard like that Dalyen fellow, but I have a hammer, and with it, I can build us a village that will stand when all of this is done.”

Kirk Bachen

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