Hope Sunstar

Lovely shop owner from The Gate


Hope Sunstar is an attractive half-elf merchant who runs The Dancing Leaf, an adventuring outfitter in the seedier parts of the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.

Hope Sunstar has lived inside the gate most of her life. Together with her former husband, whom she met in the city, the two established a shop called The Dancing Leaf near the docks of Baldur’s Gate. After her husband died in a caravan traveling the Trade Way, Hope moved the shop to a new location: by the inner wall of the Gate. Since the move, Hope’s small shop has gained a reputation among adventurers and thieves alike.

The Scarred

Hope is now traveling with a merchant caravan north to Waterdeep, and hired Fryen Broadscale as a personal bodyguard. She has shown a fondness and warmth to the dragonborn unprecedented by normal merchant/guard relations.

Hope Sunstar

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