Head Mage Arkis

Head of the Baldur's Gate Mage's Spire.


Not much is known about the history of Arkis before he came to Baldur’s Gate. When he arrived, however, he found his way to the Spire. At first, the professors did not think he would be able to pass the entrance exams, as he was already quite old. Upon convincing them to allow him to be tested, he managed to not only pass, but immediately be considered for a high professor’s position.

This is the story he tells anyways. He is cryptic to everyone who asks about his time before the Spire, even his closest friends.

After getting beyond that, however, most find the man, while perhaps a bit ‘eccentric’, a very pleasant man to be around.He is also known to be a mage of incredible (but relatively unknown) power.

Despite being human, and looking extremely old, the man doesn’t seem to age a day. None of the current wizards in the Spire cannot remember a time without Arkis at the head, and this even is coming from very old elves. Obviously, many rumors circulate on the secret to the man’s longevity, but this, as with much about him, is kept a secret.


Head Mage Arkis

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