Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

Mayor of Greenest


Governor Tarbaw Nighthill is the wise and headstrong mayor of Greenest. A human male in his 60’s, Governor Nighthill has resided as the town’s mayor for nearly 15 years, and is much beloved by the residents there.

The Scarred

The party was first directed to the governor by their employer, Mr. Xavier, to ensure the completion of a VERY important sale, despite the current battle taking place around them. The governor was surprisingly understanding of this odd request, but informed the party that the item he had purchased from Mr. Xavier could not be safely kept within city limits as long as the town was under siege, and he certainly couldn’t procure it if the city fell that evening. The party then launched a counterstrike against the marauding Cult of the Dragon at his behest, in part to help ensure their employer’s transaction could be completed and guarantee their payment. While doing so, they met Leosin Erlanthar; a close friend of the governor who had helped him arrange the purchase and transportation of Mr. Xavier’s item.

After multiple missions taken by the party on behalf of Governor Nighthill, he views the party as heroes, and holds them in the highest regard.

Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

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