Gerard Hammerstriker

Captain of the Valenier family guard


Captain of the Valenier guard privately employed by the Valenier family. Formerly of the Hammerstriker clan that left Mirabar during the War of the Thousand Orcs.

Ushen’s martial mentor, he now advises Arkan and Allana on all manners regarding security and troop preparations as well as assignments both on and off the Valenier estate.


After King Bruenor Battlehammer came to Mirabar shortly after reclaiming Mithral Hall, there was no small amount of rumors surrounding the stir he’d caused whilst outside the gates of Mirabar. Shortly after his poorly received, peaceful visit, several hundred dwarves parted from the city with intent to swear loyalty to Bruenor, convinced their human leadership was unfit for rule. Gerard was but a lad then, but he was strong enough and cunning enough to survive the Many-Arrows invasion and occupation. Later, after the signing of the Treaty of Garumn’s Gorge, he departed for Waterdeep with Drizzt while the ranger ventured beside Bruenor in search of the fabled dwarven homeland of Gauntlegrim.

A competent and over qualified soldier, Gerard made his way in Waterdeep as a mercenary ranging the countryside before rising to sergeant among the City of Splendor’s guards. Upon fighting beside Arkan’s private guard and a few of the noble’s sailors as they repelled a fleet of hobgoblin pirates, he impressed lord Valenier with his keen mind and formidable prowess. As an up and coming force of industry within Waterdeep, Arkan was actively scouting for any potential reinforcement to his budding empire. Gerard was one he quickly wished to acquire. The dwarf was surprised to learn shortly after meeting Arkan, that he’d been reassigned to the noble’s district of the city, just outside the estate. When he asked why, his superiors told him “because two thousand gold pieces from Lord Valenier said so.”

At first cautious over his services being so gratuitously paid for, his apprehensions were dissolved when he had the chance to speak to Arkan when first reporting for his assignment. The man assured him his services were worth every copper piece.

“I only wish to work with the best,” Arkan told him. “I respect expertise where I find it. Help me secure my empire, Gerard?”

The dwarf, impressed the man hadn’t tried to make him an offer and instead humbly made a request, was convinced from that point on he was in the right place.

Since then, Gerard has served as weapons master, captain of the Valenier Guard, and advisor to Arkan, Allana, and Ushen as well as all who have come to know the Valenier family as friends. The position is one he has grown quite fond of, finding a home among the family of humans he never thought possible.

Gerard Hammerstriker

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