Gaius Zinccaster

middle aged, human, ward


By the time Gaius enters Amkissra’s story he is no more than ten — not leaving much for the elf to desire. In fact, she wondered why such a young human (or any human) would be given the opportunity to train with elvish monks.

But under her and other attentive elves eyes, he blossomed into a strapping young teen and twenty-something, with long brunette which would later go salt and pepper. Of all the monks he served, Amkissra was the one he admired most. He had enormous amounts of feelings for her.

He was not trained to the full extent of the other monks, being that he was just Edea of Vestelle. However, his favorite skill was burning hands.


Gaius Zinccaster was born between two monks in the monastery. Instead simply enrolling him to be a monk with them, they decided to let him grow up and decided for himself. That’s why they took him to Edea of Vestelle, the head of the Monastery of Waterdeep.

When he was five he began assisting her with some of the tedious monk tasks, such as lighting all the candles and torches, fluffing the Zafus and Zabutons, and serving/cleaning of meals. Even after only five years, he knew he wanted out—and that’s when a miracle happened.

He opened the door to a ravishing, young (he thought?) elf standing before him. Instantly he was taken in by her accent and stories. Things were different after that. She’d go on caravans, he’d miss her, she’d come back and regale he adventures, and he’d swoon. This went on for many years. Almost forty, he’d say. And his infatuation grew stronger every time.

He swore to himself that the next time she came back from a caravan, he’d do something about his feelings for her. But that particular caravan was to be gone for quite sometime, unbeknownst to him…

Gaius Zinccaster

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