Elliot Braestone

Innkeeper, Thuum family friend


Nearing 80 years of age, Elliot Braestone(Mr. Braestone to most) hasn’t lost much in the way of physical spryness, and has only gotten mentally sharper with time. Owner and proprietor of Braestone Inn for over 60 years, Mr. Braestone has encountered every manner of adventurers, heroes, drunks, villains and idiots in his time. Little surprises or intimidates him, but deft as he is in his dealings, he seems content to simply run his modest inn as he wishes, and little more.

Elliot had to learn his trade fast as a young man. After a highly respected Nashkel guard captain went mad(supposedly from a cursed sword) and slaughtered his family and numerous others, only Elliot remained to carry on the family business. Years later, two half-orcs would come under his employ and fall in love, eventually leaving to start their family in a nearby settlement. Drogdah and Talia Thuum often visited with their old friend, asking his advice on matters, and helping him with tasks around the inn. When their village was razed, they returned to work for him once again, this time with their son, Brogdah. Eventually Brogdah started his own life as a caravan guard and mercenary, though his parents and Elliot still run Braestone Inn in Nashkel.

Elliot Braestone

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