Edea of Vestelle

elder night elf. bluish skin, sharp maritial arts skills


Edea of Vestelle is a sorcerer that tends over the monastic crop. She is 5’6 and weighs about 120 lbs. She dresses in fantastical robes, blues and whites. And she really stands from the monastic tradition yellow/orange color. She is about 500 years, but she couldn’t say for sure.


Her backstory before her role at the monastery is a mystery, but there those who say she was a tamperer with the dark arts, and others who say that she was a hired, vile mercenary. What is known is that she takes interest in “pets projects”. Proteges if you will. Her current one is Amkissra Bladecrest, who is giving her a run for her money…

Edea of Vestelle

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