Drogdah Thuum

Brogdah's Father, half orc, inn cook/bartender


A kind mountain of a man, Drogdah has always done his best as a father and a husband. He spent years moving his family from place to place, taking any job he could, before finally settling in the relative tranquility of Greendusk. He even tracked down and gathered some of the disparate Thuum siblings and half-siblings together, all content to have a safe and stable town to call their own. Drogdah’s son and daughter, for a time, had something that their parents never did— a family.

His efforts to shield his children from the cruelties of the world did not last, however, as their adopted home was sundered by the Cult of The Dragon years ago. The residents, including both Drogdah’s extended family and his daughter, were scattered to the winds once again.

Drogdah and Talia were lucky to have their son survive, and luckier still to have a place to run. Their family friend, Elliot Braestone, had both a home and livelihood for them in Nashkel. Brogdah would later depart to start his own life as a guard and mercenary, though he would frequently visit his parents.

Recently, Drogdah and Talia were reunited with their daughter Talis. Though they lament the years lost, their joy is unparalleled.

Drogdah Thuum

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