Delaan Winterhound

Emerald Enclave's delegate at the Council of Waterdeep


Delaan Winterhound is a ranger of the Emerald Enclave and their main delegate at the Council of Waterdeep.


Council of Waterdeep

Delaan has come to the Council of Waterdeep as the lone representative of the Emerald Enclave. Even his regular companion, a winter wolf named Loska, remains on patrol outside the city. Delaan spends much of his time wandering the northern wilderness, and although he visits friends in Nesme once a year, he otherwise shies away from large settlements. He is clearly uncomfortable in Waterdeep.

There is no question that Tiamat must be stopped, but the Emerald Enclave wants to see the world restored to order. This sometimes means taking a middle ground in battles between good and evil. Delaan is acutely aware of the destruction accompanying the recent activities of the Cult of the Dragon. He knows the cult must be destroyed for upsetting the balance of nature, and he knows that many dragons supporting the cult will die before the end. He would rather not kill unnecessarily, however.

Delaan is initially reserved in his support of the party. To earn his respect, the characters must recognize that their battle is not just to save civilization but to preserve the natural order. He thus objects to many actions that good or neutral characters might not think twice about including destroying chromatic dragon eggs and other acts that disrupt the natural cycle.

Delaan’s oldest friend and mentor is a mighty treant named Turlang who resides in the High Forest. With Delaan’s support, many treants will join the fight against Tiamat.

Delaan Winterhound

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