Conrad Brawnanvil

Representative of dwarven lands of the North to the Council of Waterdeep


Connerad Brawnanvil, son of Banak Brawnanvil, was the 12th King of Mithral Hall and leader of Clan Battlehammer around 1440 DR. Although his name was Brawnanvil, he was of Battlehammer blood and used the name in formal events.


Connerad spent time training with Thibbledorf Pwent and the Gutbuster Brigade before ascending to the throne, making him into a seasoned and deadly warrior. During the Tyranny of Dragons, he was chosen as an ambassador of the Lords’ Alliance dwarves at the Council of Waterdeep.

The Council of Waterdeep

Connerad has made the long journey from Mithral Hall to act as the Lords’ Alliance delegate for the dwarves of the North, including Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr.

Even though Connerad hates dragons, devils, and cultists alike, he is as stubborn as a mule about committing troops anywhere but his homeland. The dwarven kingdoms in the North have lost many people in recent years, and the dwarves that remain are struggling to retain ancient lands only recently reclaimed. He knows the adventurers only by reputation, and desires tangible proof that they have the mettle and wits to lead soldiers and dwarves before he’ll make a serious commitment. Like Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet, Connerad responds well to bold demonstrations of heroism. However, he is personally and deeply insulted by any slight against dwarves or intrusions by the characters into dwarven affairs.

Conrad Brawnanvil

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