Commander Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

Commander of the southern marauders of the Cult of the Dragon


Ruthless in the extreme, Commander Langdedrosa Cyanwrath was the commander of the marauding band of cultists stationed on the southern end of the Sword Coast. He led many successful raids against nearby villages and hamlets, and was cunning enough to defeat the militias of Berdusk, Elturel, and even Baldur’s Gate. He had amassed the wealth of these raids in a camp located southeast of the town of Greenest, though for what purpose is yet unclear.

The Scarred

The party first met Cyanwrath during the raid on Greenest, where their efforts thwarted many of his attempts to raze the trading hub. The party made many tactical strikes against the band of marauders, but by night’s end, Cyanwrath and Reverend Mondath had strong-armed the town into submission. With an army outside the gates of the Governor Nighthill’s keep, and a dragon in tow, Cyanwrath ordered the guard to turn over the adventurers, lest they wish to see their last bastion of defense burn with the rest of the town. Reluctantly, the party turned themselves over (though some more dramatically than others), and one-by-one, Cyanwrath order their deaths on the bank of the stream that runs through Greenest, run through and left to bleed.

The party survived what should have been their execution, and confronted Cyanwrath again in the caves of the abandoned raider’s camp. After a long and hard-fought battle, Cyanwrath was slain by the adventurers, and his ally barely managed an escape.

Commander Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

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