Castellan Escobert the Red

Master of the keep at Greenest


Escobert the Red is the castellan of the keep where Governor Nighthill resides in Greenest. He is in charge of the keep’s defenses, as well as its general upkeep and maintenance. The town guard is also stationed out of the keep, which makes Escobert the de facto captain of the guard, though that is an unofficial title.

Escobert is often terse and sharp, which usually comes off as abrasive to new acquaintances. He takes great pride in his work and friendship with Governor Nighthill, and is fiercely loyal.

The Scarred

Escobert first encountered the party immediately after Lennithon’s initial attack on the keep. With the tragic casualties that had just occurred, and the party’s adrenaline running high, this initial meeting led to conflict, specifically with Brogdah. He has since warmed up to the party and has become a useful ally.

Castellan Escobert the Red

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