Bray Braestone

Brother to Elliott Braestrone, informant to King Bror, the Storm Giant.


A former thief, swindler, and all-around scoundrel, Bray Braestone discovered newfound purpose in life after a series of bad choices and a run of bad luck drove him up a mountain near his home town of Nashkel. There he happened upon the private meditation space of a powerful storm giant— in fact, the king of all the storm giants on this side of the continent.

While his luck had been bad up until then, things turned around when the storm king offered Bray a small amount of gold to simply return every month with information about the surrounding townships. Unvarnished, unpoliticized evaluations of the life and dealings of the people and cities so far below the king and his subjects. Bray was more than happy, and more than equipped, to oblige.

What blossomed from there was more than just a business venture, but a friendship. Both gained a perspective on the world that they would not have otherwise been able to attain. In his later years, Bray rejected the monetary payment of the king, instead taking his promise that he would use the information on the humanoids below to protect them— particularly Nashkel where his brother Elliott lives. The king has every intention of keeping that promise, even as the shadow of war looms on the horizon.


Bray Braestone

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