Azbara Jos


Cultist responsible with bearing the map of the Drakhorn’s location from the Roadhouse to the castle of the Stargazers.

A cunning foe prioritizing the welfare of the cult’s agenda over individual needs, he is ready to serve Tiamat’s designs even at the expense of his own life.


A prominent member of the cult from the onset of the Rise of Tiamat, Azbara plagued the progress of the Scarred by keeping the map of the Drakhorn safely from their reach. Upon reaching the Stargazer Castle, he was able to successfully deliver the map to Reverend Mondath, who passed it along to Rezmir.

Such effort still wasn’t enough to save him, however. When the Scarred breached the castle, he found himself face to face with Sarissa, who promptly dispatched the cultist in single combat.

Azbara Jos

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