Auzha Coriaelen

Ushen's deceased love


A former sailor and ranger of the seas aboard the Northwind’s Pride, a formidable galley known to sail from Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter, and Luskan.


Auzha found her calling and home amidst the City of Splendors after traveling from the Silver Marches in search of adventure. Upon entering the city and wowing a prospective employer with her skill at arms and navigation, she quickly found work aboard the Northwind’s Pride under a warforged captain known as Mist. For the next 132 years, she solidified her position aboard the vessel, garnering the respect and admiration of her fellows and her captain. Indeed, regard for her climbed to such heights that she was offered to captain her own clipper in service to Waterdeep’s navy. However, she declined the offer on the grounds that she would not desert her present captain, who’d she’d grown to know as family.

During her years aboard the Northwind’s Pride, she honed her ability to sail, track, scavenge, and survive amidst the high seas, often acting as the spearhead of her vessel’s chosen course whenever venturing into unknown waters. Having survived over fifty pirate attacks, the worst storms in Faerun’s recorded history, the Spellplague, the Time of Troubles, the Sundering, and more, she established herself as an unshakable warrior, ranger, and seafarer of the Sword Coast.

Upon a fateful accident that landed her in the hands of the nearest cleric, she met Ushen Valenier, the son of Arkan and Allana Valenier, and known priest of the Raven Queen. At first she was apprehensive, thinking a servant of Death to be last she wished to see to tend her injuries. However, his advances, while abrupt during the treatment, endeared him to her and eased her doubts. From there, the two fell for one another, spending the next years in bliss.

Their love was short-lived, only lasting two years before Auzha sailed for the Deserts of Rauvin, returning with a strange plague that no cleric, physician, or apothecary could cure. It was widely known that Ushen spared no expense in seeking a cure for his love, and while he was able to ease her pain, ultimately he could not save her. She passed of her illness the 30th day of Faestrom. From there, she was buried in the private cemetery procured by the Valenier family on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep.

Auzha Coriaelen

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