Andras Amell

A Claw of the Thayan Empire


Tall and lean, Andras’ size belies his strength. He is usually seen covered in little if any armor, equipped with rapier, greatsword, daggers and bow, along with his typical tracking tools.


Born in the Feywild to two of the Feywild’s more renowned bladesingers, Andras was taken in a raid which saw his parents overwhelmed by Thayan Wizards. For decades after, he was sent to work in the Thayan raids, used as pack animal and expendable steward. Somehow he survived it all, and eventually, during the spellplague, he was sold to one of the teachers of the Thayan academy.

While most Wizards assumed Andras a tame beast, he was in fact biding his time, learning through observing out of the corner of his eye. He was quite adept at magic, having been taught the basics of bladesinging by his parents. He kept this secret, however, knowing he was still no match for the Wizards.

During his time at the academy, Andras met a young Wizard named Hawke. The two began a strong, if secret, friendship. Unfortunately, this growing familiarity, combined with Andras’ confidence in his skills, proved his downfall with his master. His magical abilities were discovered when a student attempted to beat him and, in a rage, Andras struck back with both magic and blade.

His master was an underling of Solona Amell, the Zulkir of Abjuration. As punishment, Andras was made to walk naked night and day to her doorstep, forced along by the master himself. Barely alive by the time he was done, Andras collapsed when he reached his destination. His master left smiling, assuming the welp would be taken care of.

Instead, the Zulkir held long conversations with Andras as he recovered, learning about his experiences and occasionally pushing his buttons. Once healed, she took him to her study, where she offered him the chance for a kind of vengeance—become her Claw, and gain the opportunity to kill Thayan Wizards. Andras took the offer, not even caring about the drawbacks of the ritual.

Andras proved a quick learner. Within only a few months he was an astute tracker and adept mage slayer. Following the successful infiltration and assassination of a Wizard who was plotting against Solona, his mistress presented him with a Wizard to hunt. One of the disciples had been discovered to be living under an assumed name. His true name was one the Zulkir hated; a thorn they sought to tear from their side. That name was Pentaghast.

Andras Amell

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