Arkan Valenier

Noble of prominent House Valenier of Waterdeep, Ushen's father


Quiet, direct, sometimes blunt. Often calculating, but always respectful. Can be quite ruthless if provoked, but loyalty to friends and family is beyond question.

A loving man at heart who often hides his true emotions, preferring to mask, or at the very least temper his feelings lest they be used against him by his rivals. He has a reputation for being quite intimidating without saying a word.

“He could stare down an ancient red dragon, and I’d wager me coin on the dragon blinking first.”
-Gerard Hammerstriker, Captain of the Guard for House Valenier


The son of Lucien Valenier, Arkan inherited a humble but thriving trading company from his father at the age of 18. It was at that time that Lucien was killed whilst defending Waterdeep from the Pirate Lords of Luskan during the time of troubles. Rather than pick up his father’s crusade, Arkan instead focused his efforts on building the infrastructure of his inheritance, to great effect. In only four short years the young man had all but solidified his grasp on nearly half of Waterdeep’s coastal trade ships and merchant vessels. By hiring the best protection and investing in armed escorts of high renown, the Nobleman ensured the safety of his shipments along with any who accompanied them. Many were quick to flock to his company for such reasons.

At 25, Arkan met a fellow nobleman and Lord of Waterdeep, Dorrysos Jefan, whose daughter Allana of two and twenty quickly stole the man’s heart. After vying for her hand and making the necessary arrangements, Dorrysos was glad to offer his daughter’s hand in marriage, though the offer was almost met with ruin when Arkan didn’t openly accept, claiming he would only do so if Allana agreed to the match. Fortunately for all parties involved, Allana was equally taken with the respectful man, who she quickly saw was both attentive and clever. She quickly agreed and the two were wed, bearing a son after five years of blissful marriage.

Since that time, Arkan has focused his efforts on furthering his empire, which as been met with the occasional spot of resistance from thieves and pirates. Hoping to work closely with his son, he was heartbroken to discover Ushen’s loyalties lie with the Queen of Death instead of the world in which Arkan had built. However, as time passed and Ushen pursued his calling, Arkan was always there to support his son, offering whatever fatherly wisdom he could to a son he seemed barely able to understand. It was only after Ushen left that Arkan grasped the depth of Ushen’s commitment and yearned to see his boy again.

Now Ushen has returned, and both father and son battle the Cult of Dragon, one in the flesh and the other in an economic and political struggle. However, both are determined to topple the enemy that endangers their family, and in that regard, they have never been more aligned.

Arkan Valenier

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