Allana Valenier

Noblewoman of prominent House Valenier of Waterdeep, Ushen's mother


Perceptive, observant, courteous. Allana possesses a fiery spirit that more often than not manifests itself in her amiable nature. Known for her politeness throughout the city, but also for her hearty defiance. She has yet to meet a being that could cause her to flinch.

She is compassionate by nature, trying to understand those around her before judging them or acting on impulse.

“Think before you act,” is a common mantra for the noblewoman of House Valenier.

However, despite all outward courtesy, Allana has a vengeful side that is seldom seen but manifests in other ways aside from outward pretenses. It’s not uncommon for a rival lord who made a cutting remark at a previous week’s banquet to have an “accident” involving his or her favorite horse or ship, resulting in personal injury of a concerning but non-fatal nature. A broken leg grants one plenty of time to reflect on past offenses.

Nothing yet has been proven regarding Allana’s involvement in such affairs.


Third daughter of Lord Dorrysos Jefan of Waterdeep, Allana was always known as a rambunctious youth and strong willed woman upon coming of age. She excelled in the arts of music and poetry, yet when it came to attending court, favored the more rugged activities that the luxuries of her upbringing provided such as horse racing and hawking. She had even attempted to grasp the arcane arts at one point in her teen years, even showing some promises upon private lessons from local mages, however her father was quick to put an end to that for fear a noblewoman who was also a sorceress would do more to mar her family’s reputation than enhance it.

Allana never truly forgave her father for that, nor her mother for allowing it to pass. Feeling stifled and confined, her lust for life was reinvigorated upon glancing upon Arkan Valenier for the first time upon a feast welcoming the prominent nobleman who was fast becoming quite the tycoon in regards to Waterdeep’s shipping industry. She more than any of her sisters made effort to understand the man, who was just as interested in doing the same for her the first time their eyes met across the table. When she heard from her father that Arkan asked for her hand in marriage, she was overjoyed, but not nearly as much as she was when Arkan had only agreed to take her if she would have him and not some contractual agreement.

The two knew they would love one another forever from that point on.

The first five years of their marriage, Allana stood with Arkan, helping to grow his industry and stretch his influence all over Waterdeep, even acting as liaison to some of the different guilds within the city, including the thieve’s guild and mage’s guild. By her cunning and adept acumen regarding character and Arkan’s astute perception, the two were a powerhouse few could match.

Like Arkan, Allana was deeply saddened when their son chose to abandon the family trade and pursue a life of service to the Raven Queen, though she was far more nurturing of his chosen path than Arkan, who took far longer to warm to the idea. Because of this understanding, she and Ushen bonded deeply before his departure, knowing that there would never be a thing they couldn’t discuss with one another.

Her son has returned to her, along with powerful allies that will be of great import in their struggle against the cult. Allana’s cunning will be put the test yet again, though her confidence in overcoming any that stand before her is absolute.

After all, she stands with one of the mots powerful men of Waterdeep, and her son is the chosen aspect of the Goddess of Death herself. She has powerful cards in her hand indeed.

Allana Valenier

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