Portly magic shop owner


Immith of the rashemi is a portly spellcaster and mage-smith, who owns and operates Unseens Oddities. Having ties to the scholars of Candlekeep, as well as adventurers in the surrounding countryside, there is rarely a shortage of interesting wares in the small shop. If he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it. If he can’t find it, he’ll send you to the shop that can.


Immith was born in the magic-fueled land of Rashemen. Growing up, he showed a fair talent in the Art. For a time, he even trained under the great witch herself, Morrigan, though that training ended after his affair with her daughter.

As Immith reached adulthood, he realized that he would never be able to attain the status he desired in the matriarchal society. And so he took his tools and his possessions and began traveling.

During his travels, he met and married a dwarven merchant recently robbed of her wares. Together, they were able to offload Immith’s goods and procure materials to make more items of arcane interest. By the time they had reached Baldur’s Gate, Immith’s skills had brought them enough gold to open a small shop, which they named Unseen Oddities.

The pair quickly earned a reputation for having some of the most quality spell components, as well as more uncommon magical items which students of both the arcane and the divine would seek to collect. Their popularity along the Sword Coast grew so great that eventually they decided to open another shop in Neverwinter. Immith would make their magical wares throughout the year, then load them up and bring them to his wife. This continued for more than 40 years.

As both Immith and his wife began to feel their age, the arcanist took on his cousin’s daughter as an apprentice. Now fully trained, she will be taking over running Unseen Oddities in Baldur’s Gate. Immith has been loading his most precious tools and items for the long journey.

The final days of Immith’s run over the shop marks the end of an era for many. The shopkeeper has gathered his wares, intending to head to Neverwinter to be with his wife, to finally settle and spend the rest of their days together. As he prepares to leave, a young man enters—a fellow rashemi—asking for passage to Waterdeep…


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